Sunday, March 27, 2011

Shakedown Sails

Since the stepping of the mast I have been able to start sailing Dove. It has been great to set sail and start putting her through her paces enjoying her new found independence. A few problems have been highlighted and the job list extended to accomodate them.
Dove riding to her mooring in Sydney Harbour
One such issue is the wind vane steering which I was particularly looking forward to using but found it unresponsive. It all worked but the friction in the trim tab shaft was too much. Today I found out why, when I dismantled the unit to discover that the housing shaft was ever so slightly bent. It is now loaded in my bag to head south to an engineering workshop in Hobart for a good straightening out.

The engine problems were traced back to water in the fuel. The tanks were drained and fresh diesel has seen the engine running beautifully. A great feeling!