Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dove - Setting Sail

It was a blustery westerly that blew Dove out of Middle Harbour this morning, for what felt like her first proper sail. I set the staysail and a small mainsail, which balanced well for the beat up Sydney harbour to Blackwattle Bay, in the heart of the city. Anchored here under the gaze of the skyscrapers is a far cry from where I hope to be next week, heading south toward Hobart.

The tanks are full, the lockers loaded with provisions and all the onboard systems functioning. The past week has been a period of steady activity onboard cleaning, chart checks, varnishing, wiring, de-wiring, checking systems and hiking to the supermarket for provisions. The best bit has been seeing the windvane self steering work for the first time. It is mermerising watching it react to changes and make adjustments and I know it will take a lot of the workload off Brian and I.

Brian is due to join me on the weekend fresh from his STCW Sea Safety Training. It will be great to have him onboard.

The weather in October is coming out of the winter pattern and can deliver westerly rather than southerly cold fronts which is an advantage. It is sure to still be cold and we have enough time tucked up our sleeves to wait out unfavourable conditions in a sheltered anchorage. Initially the weather is unfavourable so we will wait it out in Sydney and take the opportunity to visit the Festival of Dangerous Ideas over the weekend.