Saturday, November 16, 2013

Going to the Nut House

The Nut House nestled in the valley
I am running away to the bush and have been lucky enough to find some bush tucked up the end of a valley in the Huon. I have been talking about this next project for a while now but it finally looks like it is coming together.  Fern studded wet forest reaches up the north face of the valley and to the south there is dry blue gum forests. In the middle at the base of the valley is a clearing bisected by two creeks that chuckle relentlessly through even more ferns.

The valley was originally the site of a large small fruits farm which fell victim to the 1967 bush fires. Word has it that the couple who had the farm, committed suicide shortly afterwards. It must have been devastating but the house miraculously survived.

Not so Grand Designs
Jimmy Barnes apparently used to hide out on the neighbouring property until the locals worked out who he was and he had to move on.

Ferns, Ferns, Ferns!
I never set out to become a Walnut farmer but maybe the hundred or so walnut trees growing in the valley base might form the basis of a food forest. The simple principles I investigated with the little cabin at Took-End will be the basis of this place. Water is drawn from the creeks, renewable power will be generated from off the grid solar panels but this time I am aiming for hot water on tap...Sheer Luxury!!

One of the creeks gurgling down the valley.
It all kicks off just before Christmas and