The "Trucker" is a lovely bike that almost goes up hills on its own. She is a Surly Long Haul Trucker (LHT) with the following specification; (

Pannier Racks

Pannier Bags

Tubus Brushed S/S front and rear

Ortlieb front, rear and handlbar bag

100% Surly 4130 CroMoly steel. Main triangle double-butted. TIG-welded
Rear dropoutsVertical, 135mm spaced
Brake compatibilityLinear-pull or traditional cantilever
Braze-onsUpper bosses and dropout eyelets for racks front and rear, fender eyelets, chainstay spare spoke holder, pump peg, downtube lever bosses, 3 sets of H2O cage bosses, rear housing stop for canti brakes, housing stops for brakes and derailleurs
Seatpost diameter27.2mm
Seatpost clamp diameter30mm, Surly Constrictor included
Headset1-1/8" threadless
Front derailleur clamp diameter28.6mm
Bottom bracket shell68mm wide, 1.37x24t
Chainring clearance42/53t double, 38/52/56t triple
4130 CroMoly, lugged and brazed, tapered curved blades with lowrider rack eyelets
Frame Weight58cm = 2340g (5.15 lbs) Fork - uncut = 1020g (2.25 lbs)
Max. tire size
700c: w/o fenders: 45mm; w/fenders:42mm 26": 2.1" with or without fenders
Wheel sizes42-62cm accommodate 26" wheels; we also offer 56-62cm sizes which accommodate 700c wheels
Shwalbe Marathon Plus

The bike is a stock standard Surly Long Haul Trucker with the following small changes

SEAT. The seat was replaced with a Brooks B17 leather seat and it has been great. I still get a sore bum but nowhere near the level that I have experienced with other seats. I have no problem getting back on the bike the next day and could not have come so far with such comfort with any other seat I have used.

PANNIER RACKS. I chose Tubus racks because of their reputation. I initially tried to get the Surly Nice Racks but there was a supply issue. The Surly racks allow top stacking on the front pannier rack which allows for extra gear but I am glad I don't have that option which would just lead me to carry extra gear. I chose the brushed stainless steel racks because of my marine background and I had noticed that pannier racks seemed to get battered about and make the bike look very average. Image is everything of course.

TYRES. I initially rode with the Continental tyres supplied with the bike but they eventually became a puncture nightmare. I replaced them with Schwalbe Marathon Plus on recommendation from Edvin and it is really noticeable how much more "meat" there is in their tread to hold back those punctures.

PANNIER BAGS - I selected the Ortlieb panniers through their reputation and have not been disappointed.

STOVE I chose the MSR Reactor stove and it has been excellent. It boils water in a flash but controlling heat to a simmer is difficult. The gas cannisters seem to last about three weeks. The feature I really like is that the Nanson style pot houses the stove burner and gas cannister with the lid held shut by the handle.

TENT I started with the Macpac Eclipse of 1988 vintage which was great but swapped to an MSR Hubba Hubba which has more room and most importantly is self supporting with no need for pegs.

STATS On the Gran Fondo - Anchorage to New York trip the total cycling distance was 7609km with a daily average of 125km and an average speed of 20km/hr.