Bucket List

Some ideas in no particular order.

  • Spend a night in a Ger on the Mongolian Plains.
  • Ride the Trans Siberian Railway from St Petersburg to Vladivostok. In fact the journey would start in Sweden as I would like to arrive in St Petersburg by sea.
  • Sea Kayak the west coast of Australia finishing in Broome to see the stairway to heaven.
  • Live in a tree house in a rainforest.
  • Sail the Micronesian islands of the Pacific using traditional polynesian navigation techniques.
  • Swim with a Whale Shark
  • Grow fresh vegetables
  • Circumnavigate Tasmania
  • Raft the Franklin River
  • Hike the GR11 along the Pyrenees from Biscay to the Mediteranean
  • Find a Blue Whale
  • Sail to Bora Bora and tie the stern to a coconut tree.
  • Achieve Zero Waste
  • Build a land yacht and sail it across the Nullabor Plain.
  • Hike the Great Himalayan Trail from one end of Nepal to the other.
  • Retrace the path of the "Motorcycle Diaries" through South America.